The Building Control Process

Once you have your Planning approval if required, the next stage is to prepare the working drawings for the local Building Inspector to review and approve.  These will also contain structural calculations and are also the drawings the builder will require to accurately quote your project.

There are two forms of application; Full Plans and Building Notice.  Full plans is where a full set of design plans and calculations are submitted to Building control for review and approval.  Your builder would build to the approved designed plans.  Building Notice is where your builder can start with just a weeks notice to the Inspector and the inspector signs off each section as the build goes.  This is a little more costly and would only be recommended if you have a builder ready to go.

Building Regulations Charges are set by the Local Authority in accordance with the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 1998, the aim being to recover the cost of carrying out the service. A 'plan charge' is payable on submission of the application, and for all but the smallest projects an 'inspection charge' is payable after the first inspection has taken place. The single inspection charge covers all visits, regardless of the number required.

During the build, a Building Control officer will inspect the work at various stages to ensure it complies with Building Regulations and issue a Completion Certificate when he is satisfiedthe works are complete and he has been provided with copies of Gas Safe and NIC EIC Electrical cerificates where necessary.

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